Foal Care
More Care. Foal Care.

Foal A horse is a horse, unless it's a pregnant mare or her foal. Caring for these two unique classes of equines is completely different from any other horse. Different vaccinations, different deworming schedules, different nutritional needs - just to name a few.

Comprehensive information.
The Merck Animal Health FoalCare ProgramSM is a comprehensive guide to healthcare from prebreeding through the foal's first birthday. The information you'll find here will help you with the little things like, "How much milk does a mare produce," to the big things like, "When should I deworm my foal?"

Veterinarian involvement.
Of course, the Merck Animal Health FoalCare Program is no substitution for the expert advice of your veterinarian. Together, you and your veterinarian can create a healthcare plan customized for your farm. And that's the best start of all.


Helpful tools you'll only find here. is designed to be a one-stop resource and management tool for your breeding farm. Here you can download record forms, create breeding and healthcare schedules and track your foal's growth. To view additional health management tools in addition to the ones below, click Tools.

Mare Immunization Record
Mare Deworming Record
Foal Immunization Record
Foal Deworming Record